Cohda unveils on-board radar for V2X connected cars

Cohda unveils on-board radar for V2X connected cars

Cohda Wireless announces breakthrough V2X-Radar that creates immediate value for V2X early adopters.

Global connected vehicle technology leader Cohda Wireless today announces a game-changing product that delivers low-cost, 360-degree radar for vehicles fitted with V2X connected car systems.

Cohda Wireless is a world leader in V2X technology, which enables connected vehicles to interact with other vehicles (V2V) or with roadside infrastructure (V2I). Cohda Wireless will formally launch its V2XRadar at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux, France, which runs from October 5—9.

Cohda’s V2X-Radar is a game-changing product that will deliver value for drivers of V2X-equipped vehicles, particularly in the early days when the penetration rate of V2X connected vehicles is low.

Cohda’s V2X-Radar delivers a new 360-degree sensor that can detect buildings, road signs and also older vehicles. Unaffected by rain, snow or fog, it can also work around corners.

Cohda Wireless CEO Dr Paul Gray said V2X-Radar solved the ‘chicken-or-egg problem’ of delivering value for drivers in the early days when V2X deployment rates are still low. “The challenge of deploying V2X is realising clear benefits for early adopters,” he said.

“Cohda Wireless, a V2X pioneer, developed V2X-Radar to solve this issue for the V2X business case. V2X-Radar uses standard V2X radio signals to sense the surrounding environment, transforming a standard V2X communications system into a 360-degree car radar.”

V2X-Radar takes advantage of current V2X systems that use IEEE 802.11 compliant wireless signals to share sensor information between vehicles and infrastructure. These radio signals bounce off many objects – walls, road signs and other vehicles – as they travel from transmitter to receiver. Automotive receivers must track this dynamic environment as the vehicle moves.

By knowing the position of the transmitter, the receiver and the environment, V2X-Radar can use the radio waves to identify objects within that environment, including non-V2X equipped vehicles.

Dr Gray describes the V2X-Radar as a ‘disruptive technology’. “It’s a low-cost addition to a standard V2X system that adds radar functionality to the V2X connected car,” he said.

“This unique and innovative solution from Cohda is standards-compliant, requiring no additional hardware in a V2X-equipped vehicle and no additional on-air messages. All it needs is our software in the receiving vehicle. V2X-Radar currently works with the NXP Roadlink chipset.”

Cohda’s V2X-Radar is a software application that works with standard transmissions from any V2X system, whether it’s on a vehicle or on the roadside. Compatible with both US and European standards, the V2X-Radar software only needs to be fitted in the receiving vehicle.

V2X-Radar can also provide accurate positioning even in urban canyons when combined with an onboard 3D map. It can instantly detect vehicle speeds via Doppler measurements and obtain 360-degree sensing from a single antenna. V2X-Radar is an important new sensor for autonomous vehicles.

Cohda will demonstrate V2X-Radar at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux, France, which runs from October 5-9. Please visit Cohda at Booth A38 to learn more and arrange a demonstration.

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