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A common dilemma with revolutionary technology such as CAV and V2X is how to deploy the infrastructure necessary for it to work, before it becomes available. Cohda’s Smart City Architecture solves this dilemma for cities preparing for a CAV future with a range of applications that can be deployed today, providing immediate benefits while preparing for tomorrow.

Green Wave and Signal Priority are applications that directly and measurably improve the functioning of cities, delivering efficiencies not only to heavy vehicles, public transport and emergency services, but to all road users and the environment.

Cohda’s Smart City solutions make sense now, while making preparations for future needs.

Our Smart City Solutions

Smart City CAV Architecture

Connected and autonomous vehicles will deliver enormous benefits to cities, but how do cities pay for the vital infrastructure CAVs need before they are even available? Cohda’s range of foundation applications can be deployed today, offering significant benefits immediately.

Signal Priority and Green Wave are applications that give preference to freight vehicles, buses and emergency services, and offer heavy vehicles the opportunity to request a green light extension for up to three seconds as they approach an intersection.

Analysis shows an immediate benefit when this system is deployed along freight corridors. In trials involving three major corridors, 120 traffic signals and 115 freight vehicles, travel times were reduced by 25 %. It’s not about giving trucks preferential treatment — cars on these routes actually saw an even bigger improvement with travel times cut 27 %.

Reducing stoppages for the heaviest and slowest vehicles on the roads reduces congestion for everyone, saving time, improving air quality and reducing fuel usage. This simple application makes our Smart City Architecture worth doing now, with the bulk of the benefits still to come as CAVs become widespread.

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Cohda’s fifth-generation On-Board Unit (OBU), the MK5 is a small, low-cost, rugged module that can be retrofitted to vehicles for aftermarket deployment or field trials, and can also serve as a design reference for Smart City deployments.

The MK5 exchanges data at high speeds over extended distances, providing class-leading reaction times to potential hazards and safety-critical scenarios. In challenging outdoor conditions where no line-of-sight is available, its radio performance is unmatched.


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Built with the same chipset as the MK5 OBU, the MK5 RoadSide Unit (RSU) is a rugged outdoor unit with integrated dual antennas, housed in a IP67 rated weatherproof enclosure.

Designed for Smart City deployments, the MK5 RSU offers exceptional range and coverage, and a single, inexpensive, self-contained unit can cover all approaches to an intersection. It’s available in mains and Power over Ethernet (PoE) variants, and is also available as a reference design for developers of Smart City infrastructure.

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Accurate real-time positioning is critical to CAVs, but GNSS can be unreliable in city landscapes that frequently obscure a sky view in urban canyons, tunnels and undercover car parks.

Cohda has developed a software solution to position vehicles with sub-metre accuracy in GNSS black spots, using RSUs and/or Wi-Fi access points.

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Cohda’s cellular V2X Evaluation Kit (EVK), is a preview of what is to come with the full MK6 On-Board Unit (OBU) and Road-Side Unit (RSU). The MK6C EVK is a small and low-cost module that offers multiple connectivity options on top of C-V2X to provide a rapid way to develop your V2X applications and use-cases.

Also available in an RSU enclosure to deploy a connected network in external environments for development and testing.

Based on the MDM 9150 chipset developed by Qualcomm, it offers a robust and secure foundation for developing towards the intelligent transport systems of the future.

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Cohda Wireless has a proven suite of “Day One” applications that have become the industry standard in Smart City deployments. Our mature, hardware-agnostic V2X applications are the most widely deployed in this rapidly evolving sector, including major commuting projects, pioneering truck platooning initiatives and collision avoidance systems.

Cohda’s V2X solutions are already making cities safer, smarter and greener, and setting the benchmark for the industry worldwide. Both Development Licenses and Production Licenses are available to developers of Smart City infrastructure.

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