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About Cohda Wireless

Connected Autonomous Vehicles are poised to transform our cities and highways, improving safety and reducing congestion and emissions.  Since 2004, Cohda Wireless has led the way in CAV technology, with proven applications for connecting vehicles, infrastructure and pedestrians that will make our streets safer, smarter and greener. Our innovative software solutions connect vehicles to each other and to smart city infrastructure, enabling accurate vehicle positioning, and cooperative collision avoidance and congestion reduction. Cohda Wireless technology allows vehicles to see around corners, know where they are without GPS, and interact with traffic infrastructure seamlessly in real time.

In 2023, Cohda Wireless became part of the Danlaw Group, where together, we aim to accelerate advanced connected vehicle safety, smart city solutions, and safety on the mine site.


Current Opportunities:

If you would like to get in touch for any future opportunities please contact us at jobs@envyusscrum.com