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Solving Connectivity Challenges in Urban Canyons

Accurate vehicle positioning is critical to the effective delivery of V2X technology. Without highly accurate vehicle positioning, V2X technology will not deliver the results expected of it in all road user scenarios, especially in city environments.  


V2X systems traditionally use Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology to determine vehicle position. While GNSS technology, supplemented with Real Time Kinematic (RTK) corrections, can deliver the required accuracy on open roads, it simply doesn’t work well in the ‘urban canyons’ of cities. The multipath reflections present in these city environments with tall buildings dramatically reduces the accuracy of GNSS technology, and even RTK corrections cannot help. The same is true for dead reckoning, which also does not solve the problem in urban canyons. Furthermore, GNSS doesn’t work at all in tunnels or underground parking.

Consequences include, but are not limited, to: 

1) Actual collision warnings will not be delivered which could lead to injury or even loss of life.

2) Vehicles will issue false collision and other inappropriate warnings. A vehicle that thinks it is travelling down a sidewalk as opposed to in its lane, will deliver an endless series of false warnings as it tries to warn the driver that is about to collide with parked vehicles. 

V2X-Locate – The solution

Cohda’s V2X-Locate solution solves this issue. V2X-Locate makes it possible for a connected intelligent transport system to work in ALL road transport environments, not just where GNSS technology works.   Cohda’s V2X-Locate solution is proprietary technology that has been proven in the urban canyons of New York City.  This breakthrough positioning software achieves sub-metre positioning accuracy 95% of the time everywhere (indoors, outdoors, underground) in real time.  It is the only positioning system able to meet the location accuracy requirements.

Click here to download a White Paper offering in-depth insight into V2X Locate

Click here to download a case study on how V2X Locate is being applied in the world’s biggest urban canyon – New York City.

Click here to see V2X-Locate in action in a tunnel

Click here to see V2X-Locate in action in an undercover car park: