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Cohda Wireless has a proven suite of “Day One” applications that have become the industry standard in automotive V2X production. Our mature, hardware-agnostic V2X applications are the most widely deployed in this rapidly evolving sector, including major commuting projects, pioneering truck platooning initiatives and collision avoidance systems.

V2X combines Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) and Vehicle-to-Pedestrian (V2P) communications to improve safety, mobility and environmental impact. Cohda’s V2X solutions support wireless 802.11p and 5G mobile networks to provide cars with 360° awareness, detecting hidden threats beyond anything a driver or on-board sensors can see.

Gathering and synthesising data from nearby vehicles and roadside infrastructure creates a much broader zone of awareness, setting Cohda Wireless apart from its competitors.

The Cohda ecosystem is setting the benchmark for the industry. It is trusted by major car manufacturers, Smart Cities and mining companies, with over 800 clients already deploying Cohda solutions. Our ecosystem comprises three categories:

  • Network Layer software — The Network layer is comprised of standard compliance stack such as IEEE 1609 and ETSI TC–ITS applications.
  • Facilities Layer software — The Facilities layer provides facilities to applications for such things as vehicle position, vehicle state, message set dictionaries, Car–to–Car message transmission and reception and threat detection.
  • Applications Layer software — The Applications layer is the top–level applications suite which provides information, alerts and warnings to drivers.

Our V2X solutions are already making vehicles safer, smarter and greener. When you choose to develop within the Cohda ecosystem, you’re choosing a solution backed by more than one million vehicle-days of testing, and applications that are the industry standard for V2X product development.

Both Development Licenses and Production Licenses are available to developers of automotive V2X equipment.

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