Shanghai, People’s Republic of China – Cohda Wireless has announced that its C-V2X Evaluation Kit is now available in a compact, rugged and weatherproof Road-side Unit (RSU) enclosure for easy outdoor deployment in trials across China. Cohda’s MK6C EVK was launched in China in July 2019 and follows the successful compliance testing of Cohda’s technology with Chinese standards and specifications in October of the same year.

The MK6C EVK features a M12 POE 802.3at capable Ethernet port and a convenient LED power indicator. It hosts V2X and GNSS antennas as well as a pole mounting kit for easy installation on roadside infrastructure like traffic lights or street lamps. Based on the Qualcomm® 9150 C-V2X chipset solution from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, Cohda’s MK6C EVK in a RSU enclosure offers a robust and secure product that is ready to support the development of intelligent transport systems in China.

Shuning Yuan, Sales Director for Cohda Wireless in China, said that the company is well on its way to achieving the same presence in China as it has in Europe, the US and Australia.

“Cohda’s hardware has been successfully deployed all over the world with more than 60 percent of all V2X field trials using our technology. The MK6C EVK is a durable and cost-effective product that can be deployed with the support of a global leader that is keen to expand its footprint in China,” explained Mr. Yuan.

“There has been significant interest in Cohda Wireless since our C-V2X software stack proved compliant with the latest Chinese standards and specifications at the conformance testing round held prior to IMT2020 (5G) last year, which was the driver for our decision to offer the MK6C EVK in a ready-to-deploy format,” added Mr. Yuan.

Cohda Wireless is the only company in the world to have integrated its V2X software into two car production car manufacturer platforms and has extensive knowledge of working with SCATS traffic control systems.

It is a key participant in the New York City Connected Vehicle Pilot – a milestone development in the adoption of connected vehicle technology that Cohda believes could be replicated in Chinese cities like Shanghai or Beijing. The trial comprises of over 3000 vehicles consisting of cars, buses, and fleet vehicles. Its goal is to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries resulting from traffic crashes through the deployment of connected vehicle technologies that allow vehicles to ‘speak to each other,’ extending their perception horizon far beyond that of human capability.

“China too is making great strides towards introducing a cooperative and intelligent transport system that is aimed at reducing the number of deaths on our roads each year. Cohda is excited to be a part of this in China and we invite interested parties to talk to us about how we can assist,” added Mr Yuan.

Leveraging the Qualcomm 9150 C-V2X chipset solution, Cohda’s MK6C EVK solution features high quality and-compatible C-V2X software to support direct communications in support of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) and vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P) applications.

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Cohda Wireless is a global leader in the development of Connected Autonomous Vehicle software with proven applications for Smart City, Mining and other environments. Cohda’s technology connects vehicles with infrastructure and pedestrians to make our streets, cities and working environments safer, smarter and greener. Cohda is headquartered in Australia and has offices in Europe, China and the USA.
Cohda Wireless’s innovative software solutions enable autonomous vehicles to connect with other vehicles and with Smart City infrastructure. These connections span Vehicle¬to¬Vehicle, Vehicle¬to¬Infrastructure, and Vehicle¬to-Pedestrian (collectively called V2X), and allow CAVs to ‘talk’ to each other, Smart Cities, and vulnerable road users in order to avoid accidents, reduce congestion and be more efficient. Cohda partners with Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers, ITS Equipment Vendors, and Mining Equipment Technology and Services (METS) vendors to provide complete hardware/software solutions to Car Makers, Smart Cities, and Mine Operators, respectively. Cohda’s products are used widely in locations including the USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, Africa, Middle East, China, Singapore, and Korea.

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