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On Board Unit

Cohda Wireless’ 5th generation On–Board Unit (OBU) is proven ready for large–scale field trials, aftermarket deployments, or to serve as a reference design for automotive production.

Cohda’s fifth-generation On-Board Unit (OBU), the MK5 is a small, low-cost, rugged module that can be retrofitted to vehicles for aftermarket deployment or field trials, and can also serve as a design reference for automotive production and Smart City deployments

The MK5 exchanges data at high speeds over extended distances, providing class-leading reaction times to potential hazards and safety-critical scenarios. In challenging outdoor conditions where no line-of-sight is available, its radio performance is unmatched. 

Based on the automotive-grade RoadLINK chipset developed by Cohda in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors, it is a leader in global V2X trials and offers a robust, secure foundation for the intelligent transport systems of the future.

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