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As mining companies constantly seek a competitive advantage delivering technology solutions that can positively influence safety and productivity is increasingly valuable.

By solving subterranean positioning problems, Cohda Wireless’ solutions can significantly improve safety of both personnel and vehicles, while contributing to increased productivity.

Cohda Locate delivers sub-metre real time tracking of  an equipped mobile fleet, plant and personnel in underground mines and mining pits. This performance is a a fundamental game changer for vehicle and personnel safety applications delivering collision avoidance capability in line with EMESRT requirements.   Using the V2X wireless platform as the basis for Cohda Locate ensures a standards-based, robust & future- proofed system operating in licenced spectrum.  Through this, the mining industry benefits from highly tested, automotive level safety, reliability & robustness features.

Through this, Cohda Wireless is becoming a supplier of choice to METS and mines.

Our Mining Solutions


Built specifically for mining operations, our MK5 XBU can be deployed as an On-Board Unit (XBU-V or OBU-V) or as fixed infrastructure as a Road-Side Unit (XBU-I). It is also available as a reference design for mining equipment developers.

The MK5 XBU is based on our MK5 OBU and RSU products, ruggedised for the harsh conditions of underground mining operations. Its communication range is outstanding, and it can determine its location precisely, even deep underground.

To improve safety as well as productivity, the MK5 XBU can provide ranging to people via personnel tags, and it can be remotely configured to minimise the need for on-site personnel.


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Mining CAV Applications

Cohda’s proven suite of “Day One” applications are the first choice for the mining industry, bringing standards compliance and automotive economies of scale to this rapidly evolving sector.

Cohda Wireless mining solutions include:

  • V2V collision avoidance;
  • V2P proximity detection;
  • V2I asset tracking.

All have been proven to work in tunnels and large cavities, creating safer and more productive mines.

Download the Proximity Detection Whitepaper

OBU Licensed Software

This software is installed on OBU versions of the MK5 XBU to perform proximity detection and collision avoidance tasks. Typically detection and avoidance is between vehicles, but personnel can be equipped with tags that make them visible to the vehicles even in complete darkness.

This software includes V2X-Stacks and V2X-Locate applications.

Both Development Licenses and Production Licenses are available to developers of mining equipment — either to run on Cohda hardware or your own hardware.

RSU Licensed Software

RSU software is installed on the fixed MK5 XBUs installed throughout the mine that are responsible for traffic management and asset tracking. They also assist V2X-Locate to achieve high precision.

This software can interface with third party back end systems.

Both Development Licenses and Production Licenses are available to developers of mining equipment — either to run on Cohda hardware or your own hardware.

Learn more about V2X-Stack.