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The CohdaMobility MKx SDK is a software development kits enable modifications and customisations of Cohda’s robust ecosystems.

The embedded Linux devkits allows for the running and compiling of applications on Cohda’s MKx family of products. It also includes software (source and binaries) necessary to modify and rebuild the MKx firmware to your specifications.

The SDK includes an emulation environment that allows the development of applications in the absence of hardware. The emulation environment is a virtual machine, allowing the applications to be built, run, and debug on any PC.

  • Communications Services are looped back at the bottom of the IEEE 1609.4 layer, allowing IEEE 1609 message transmission and reception to be tested;
  • NMEA log files can be replayed by the Time/ Position Services, allowing applications that use GPS to be tested;
  • CAN bus log files can be replayed by the Vehicle Interface Services, allowing applications that read CAN messages to be tested;
  • Applications that use the User Interface Services can be tested using the video and audio of the virtual machine.

Available for both DSRC with build target of MK5, and C-V2X with build target of MK6C EVK.

Click here to download the SDK product brief sheet