Global leader in connected vehicle technology Cohda Wireless has appointed Bernd Gahmig as its new Sales Director Europe. 

Mr. Gahmig is an experienced consultant and automotive sales executive with 11 years of experience in the United States and six years in France.   He spent nearly 15 years in a variety of senior sales roles in the Brake Components and Braking division of Continental including Sales Director Renault worldwide, Nissan Europe, Aftovaz (Lada), Sales Director PSA + Renault Nissan Europe and Sales Director PSA (Peugeot, Citroen).   His experience also includes three years as Key Accounts Manager for Philips Components Automotive Playback Modules and a further three years as Project Manager with Philips Automotive Lighting. 

Mr. Gahmig will be based in Bad Homburg/Germany and will report to Cohda Wireless Vice President of Business Development, Bernd Luebben. 

He is fluent in English, German and French and can converse in Spanish.


Cohda Wireless is a global leader in the development of Connected Autonomous Vehicle software with proven applications for Smart City, Mining, and other environments.  Cohda’s technology connects vehicles with infrastructure and pedestrians to make our streets, cities, and working environments safer, smarter, and greener.  Cohda is headquartered in Australia and has offices in Europe, China, and the USA.  

Cohda Wireless’s innovative software solutions enable autonomous vehicles to connect with other vehicles and with Smart City infrastructure.  These connections span Vehicle¬to¬Vehicle, Vehicle¬to¬Infrastructure, and Vehicle¬to-Pedestrian (collectively called V2X), and allow CAVs to ‘talk’ to each other, Smart Cities, and vulnerable road users in order to avoid accidents, reduce congestion and be more efficient.  Cohda partners with Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers, ITS Equipment Vendors, and Mining Equipment Technology and Services (METS) vendors to provide complete hardware/software solutions to Car Makers, Smart Cities, and Mine Operators, respectively. Cohda’s products are used widely in locations including the USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, Africa, Middle East, China, Singapore, and Korea.

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