VisionV2X, a Maptek™ product, takes advantage of Cohda Wireless technology to deliver accurate, reliable proximity detection aligned with global safety guidelines.

Advanced ranging line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight capability enables vehicles in operation to see potential risk with other vehicles or mining personnel, and intervene quickly to maintain safe operations.

VisionV2X proximity detection system (PDS) uses Cohda Wireless V2X hardware and software and is vehicle manufacturer neutral. Mining personnel are detected with the wearing of a V2X enabled cap lamp as supplied by Roobuck.

Maptek VisionV2X has underground safety as the key objective, ready for implementation across mining personnel and a mixed fleet.

It provides reliable ranging and communications across all levels of activity and typical multipath, non-line-of-sight, high noise, high vibration, low light, high air flow and mud spray complications.

Visible and audible feedback on an ergonomic touchscreen ensures that heavy vehicle operators know the proximity of individually identified at-risk personnel and vehicles in relation to warning zones surrounding their vehicle.

Reason to use Maptek™ Vision V2X

  • See underground and around corners: Advanced ranging capability with metre accuracy to ensure
    vehicles have time to react in all conditions
  • Purpose built proximity detection technology: Designed for underground and applying industry
    proven automotive grade systems
  • Straightforward and easy to use: Touchscreen tablet interface that operators can rely on for clear
  • Deploy with current equipment: Vehicle manufacturer neutral system ready to implement on mixed
  • Mitigate risk underground: Visible and audible feedback ensures operators know the proximity of at- risk personnel and vehicles
  • Achieve operational safety KPIs: Detailed proximity data is logged and sent to a central server for
    analysis and reporting

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