End of Life Notification

 MK2 Radio will be transitioned to an “End-of-Life” status.

As part of our on-going product lifecycle management process, we have determined that our MK2 Radio will be transitioned to an “End-of-Life” status. This decision was based on our review of historical unit shipment volume and product performance.
Effective immediately, shipments of MK2 units will be discontinued. As a replacement we recommend using our MK5 units which offers much improved performance as detailed in section 1.

Further, software update support of the Software Development Kit (SDK) for the MK2 will end with the current release 14. Customer support for software development on MK2 will continue until the respective development licence expires. However, no further software releases will be provided.

If you have further questions or issues please contact support@envyusscrum.com.

Cohda Wireless Pty Ltd